Wednesday, September 29, 2010


omg omg omg i know we're on our honeymoon and i'm supposed to be not facebooking or emailing or gchating, but i just have to say this... I HIGH-FIVED SHAQ!! Bryan and I were at Busker's, a bar in Newport, and Bryan saw Shaq getting out of a car and walking right past our window at the bar. And he's like, "OMG it's Shaq!" and I was like, "whaaat?" because I was eating and not paying attention, and Shaq's car was still there on the street and his driver was waiting for him with the car running, so I went outside to look for him and a minute later, Shaq comes back, and people driving by were giving him high-fives and cheering, and right before Shaq gets into the back of the car, I'm like, "CAN I GIVE YOU A HIGH-FIVE??" and he turns around, looks down, smiles, and puts out his hand and I slap it, but it was more like a slow-motion high-five slap because I couldn't believe that was really happening. And the whole time Bryan is sitting in the bar witnessing this. But yea... OMG I GAVE SHAQ A HIGH-FIVE!!! EEEeeeeeEEee!! So exciting!!!