Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sectionals Day 1

Yesterday we played 5 college teams, we won 13-0 for all 5 games. We split the team into two teams per game so that each half-team would play for the first or second half. We ended pretty early, around 3pm, and a few of us stuck around to watch the Mixed Nuts game. They did really well yesterday as well, undefeated in their pool, which is a huge upset considering they were seeded 5th out of 6. Today they need to win a game in their first two games to secure a bid to regionals. Good luck guys!

Today Hatch has a first round against Harvard, and then a game against Brute Squad. I don't know how we've gotten by the last 2 years without ever playing Brute Squad (in sectionals or regionals), but today will be the first time that Hatch will play Brute. Exciting!

Also, it feels weird to be sitting at home at 10:30am on day 2 of sectionals. Our game against Harvard isn't until 1:15pm. The mixed nuts first game wasn't even until 11:30am. Who was using the fields this morning? Anyway, I'm not complaining, I got to sleep in (9.5 hours!), eat breakfast, do laundry, and write this entry. :) Scorereporter says something about taking a shuttle bus from a satellite parking lot 1/4 mi from the fields if you arrive after 9:00am since the real parking lot will be full. I'm guessing there were soccer games there this morning then.

I love this picture: Butterball and Cassie sitting-dancing: