Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reg Day! and other random things

Feels weird to not be organizing stuff for sMITe. Haha. Today was the reg day game and BBQ. Yay go smite :)

How come there is no Shaq Versus this week? :( Last week's was awesome... Shaq Versus Justin Bieber. Except they didn't really compete. They kinda just put on a show together. The abc website is advertising a portion of it as "Shaq versus Justin Bieber in bowling!" I guess they also had "Shaq vs Justin Bieber in how long they can hold their breath under water!" Justin Bieber won both. Hehe

18 more days until the wedding! There's still a bunch of random small things that I want to do. (I'm trying to avoid saying "needs to get done" or "things that I have to do" because it makes it sound more urgent and important that it actually is.) On that note, is anyone going to Target in the near future?

Waiting to see when Lemony Fresh Cape Cod is this year. I finally got up the courage to gChat him and ask when it is and he said he'll figure it out sometimes this week. Lemony Fresh in Rhode Island is Oct 2, but that's before regionals so I don't think that's going to work out for us.

I need to revise my resume so I can go to the career fair next next Thursday. Hey that's two days before the wedding. =P

Went through a bunch of college pictures last night in attempts to find some pics for our fake slideshow, and found some HILARIOUS pics of John Joo, Charles (with a bowl cut!), and Jin (half of them with asian glow). Ah memories.

Track workout time! 50s! My fave distance. haha.