Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainy sucky public transportation

Taking the #1 bus / green (E) line to lab everyday (a 45-minute to an hour ordeal, each way) sucks enough already, but it's 10x worse when it's raining. First, people take their sweet time adding money to their charlie card while a line of people wait outside in the rain behind them. Then on the bus, people don't know how to move to the back of the bus to make room for people in the front. It's like their afraid of getting stuck back there or something. People will let you back out! Just say "excuse me" really loudly and tap some shoulders if they can't hear you to get out of the way.

Then there are the people who leave their wet umbrellas on the seats of the bus, leaving a big soggy mess for the next person who wants to sit down. REALLY? Have some courtesy and put your umbrella on the ground or something. So there would be a crowded bus with like 3 empty seats that people can't sit in because there are giant puddles of water on them.

Then there are people who let their hyper screaming kids freaking stand on the seats. Kids with muddy rain boots, so now not only are the seats wet, they're muddy. UGH.

Cigarette smoke stinks so freakin' bad, but it's so much worse in the damp, stagnant air of the bus. So if you're sitting in front of someone who smokes, doesn't matter that they're not actually smoking on the bus, their breath smells like they've eaten 10 cigarettes for breakfast, and they're just breathing on your neck for the 20-minute bus ride while you're trying your best not to feel nauseous.

I hate the bus. I hate it even more during rush hour in the rain. qweiojasdfnlzp. UGH.