Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guess who

**EDIT** Apparently I'm not really good at explaining this game. So Bryan/Eugene/Anna were ASKING the questions, they are not necessarily the person I'm answering the questions about. In fact, the answer is not any of the three. Also, all the questions/answers are all about the same person. You're supposed to use the Q&A to figure out who the ONE person is... I hope that makes more sense.

(Actual conversation from today... Bryan/Eugene/Anna were asking questions and I was answering them.)

Q1: If this person were an item at McDonald's, what would (s)he be?

A1: Egg McMuffin

Q2: If this person were a Cambridge establishment, what would (s)he be?

A2: Wendy's in Central Square

Q3: If this person were an item at Home Depot, what would (s)he be?

A3: 2x4

Q4: If this person were a way to die, what would (s)he be?

A4: Being crushed by a concrete slab

Q5: If this person were a mode of transportation, what would (s)he be?

A5: A mule

Q6: If this person were a dinosaur, what would (s)he be?

A6: Triceratops

Q7: If this person were a character from Super Mario Brothers, what would s(he) be?

A7: Luigi. Or a mushroom guy.

I'll give you a cookie if you can guess who it is.


More questions about this person:

Q8: If this person were a donut, what would s(he) be?

A8: Blueberry muffin cake donut

Q9: If this person were a terrain, what would s(he) be?

A9: City road with annoying potholes