Thursday, August 19, 2010


Between now and 9/25, I have four tournaments and a double practice:
  1. 8/21-22: BUDA tournament in Devens (I know it's not a "real" tournament, but since I'm captaining the team I figured I should show up, even if I'm going to walk up and down the sidelines in a bathing suit to work on my tan ;) )
  2. 8/28-29: Chesapeake Open in Poolsville, MD - flying out Fri evening, returning Sun evening.
  3. 9/4: double practice, then bachelorette party! There is definitely going to be a nap between the double practice and the b-party =P
  4. 9/11-12: Sectionals (Lancaster, MA)
  5. 9/18-19: Philly Fusion (Manheim, PA) - Since the fields are two hours from the airport, we're planning on driving (7 hours one way). Road trip!
  6. 9/25: Wedding while everyone else has a double practice =P
I was talking to a friend about this a few weeks ago and he said, "I can't believe you're still playing with the wedding so close!" In my mind, I was thinking, "How could I not? I would get fat and go insane if I didn't." And then he said, "Most people would be like, 'can't get injured.'" Oh crap, he went there. I've played ultimate for 5 years now and have never had anything where some ice, stretching, strengthening exercises, and down-time couldn't take care of (knock on wood) and it just never occurred to me that this could be a possibility. I mean, there are lots of times when I definitely feel tired and old, but nothing that requires an ambulance. Eh, just thinking about it gives me the creeps.