Friday, August 27, 2010

Chesapeake Open

Hatch is going to Maryland this weekend to play in Chesapeake Open! We're the last team in the "elite division." There are 10 teams in the elite division and 5 teams in the regular division. Dunno how that works but, COOL! :)

AND we're getting new jerseys!!

AND we're staying at Jin's parents' house.


My goals this weekend:
1) every decision is a good decision: throw to people who are 100% open in or away, dump swing at stall 4, stay out of the way for cutter ho-stack, good communication among handlers
2) defense: backpedal, stay low, stay to the open side, don't get broken on the mark
3) be a good teammate: active sideline, keep morale up, be better about talking to individuals