Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Practice today

I feel like I played particularly horribly today. I don't know what it was, maybe I was distracted by wedding stuff, maybe I just feel like I am kinda burnt out. Maybe it was because I played like I was better than I actually am. I don't even know if that makes sense.
  • I threw an I/O flick break to Kquan who was actually curving her cut to the open side in ho-stack, so I overthrew her on the break side. I should've known that that's the more realistic cut, but for a split second, I thought she was so much more open on the break side so I threw it anyway.
  • I cut for a swing of a swing. It was thrower to Jackie as the dump, to Claudia as the swing, and for some reason I decided it was a good idea to make another swing cut from the front of the stack. Except it just turned out to be a really horizontal cut. The throw was really far from me and I really had to reach to grab it, but I caught it for the score. And I heard Doris say that that was a really horizontal cut, which I knew, and I knew I shouldn't have cut for that, it should've come from the back of the stack, but I made a split decision that turned out to be dumb.
  • I threw a huck to Doris who was going deep but I should've seen the deep defender because they were bracketing. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the field. I need to scan more.
  • I was on the sideline but the D wasn't trapping, but for some reason, I just saw Doris open for the flick towards the center of the field. And I didn't fake, which was largely the trouble because I threw straight to JJ, her defender, because I couldn't see beyond my mark (Deanna). If I had faked backhand to move my mark, I would've seen that Doris wasn't even cutting there. For some dumb reason, I just assumed Doris would cut there because in my mind, that was the logical cut to make.
I think those were most of my big mistakes during scrimmage today.