Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is me, losing my mind

I haven't been able to find my phone since Monday night (and by my phone I mean Smeri's old phone that she gave me in March because I left my phone on a plane after a red-eye flight...). Anyway, I'm pretty sure it is at my place or Bryan's place. But we both searched both our places since then and haven't been able to find my phone. But I sent an email to Antrim to ask if any one of them has seen my phone:

Me: "Have any of you seen my cell phone at antrim? I am pretty sure I brought it over on monday night but I haven't seen it since. I feel like i'm losing my mind."

Keith: "i think i say it with you on monday, but havent seen it or your mind since.

Me: "you saw it on monday evening when i was at your place?"

Keith: "pretty sure yea"

Me: "OH"

Keith: "you got a call on it"

Me: "when i was like in the living room? you guys were doing pushups on monday night"

Keith: "yes"

Me: "oh ok, this is promising. thanks keith."

... a few seconds later ...

Me: "um, did i take the call?"

Keith: "yes"

Me: "i did?? who was i talking to?"

Keith: "i have no clue"

Me: "oh"

Yep, I'm losing it. Help me out here... were you talking to me on the phone on Monday night? And where is my phone?!?!?

(and yes, I called it on Tues morning and it went straight to voicemail...)