Friday, June 25, 2010

Boston Invite Day 1

There are 8 women's teams in BI so we played a round robin: 4 games today and 3 tomorrow. We started off playing Portsmouth where we went down 0-5 really quickly because we kept getting beat to the open side and not completing simple throws and catches. We took a time-out, did sprints for being bad, and then got our heads in the game. We lost the game by a few points (maybe 10-15) but we definitely played better second half.

Our second round was against Missconnduct. We continued our intensity from the previous game and took half 8-3. Sometime during that half, I D-ed a huck with my face, and cleated myself while laying out for an up-the-line throw. I also hit the back of my head on the ground trying to get a D in a weird way. I didn't hit the ground super hard but I had this pounding headache for half an hour afterwards. It was a painful half. Second half we won 15-4. Woo!

Third round we played QUB who is a pretty tall and fast team from Canada. It was pretty frustrating playing with them because they made up a bunch of rules (about traveling, about best perspective, and about double-team)... ugh it was annoying. There was one instance where I picked up the disc after they turned it and then stepped out to throw a backhand break and she called travel on me because she can't handle my extreme pivoting skills. We ended up losing by a few points, but we played well as a team.

Fourth round we played Salty, yet another team from Canada but this one knew how to speak English. This was definitely our best game of the day. We were fired up and played tight D and took half 8-7. We ended the game at 15-10.

Three more games tomorrow! :)