Tuesday, June 29, 2010

But we really wanted popsicles...

So yesterday was like 95 degrees and freakin' humid and gross out. But Wuwu "played" Skoosh yesterday afternoon. I'm quoting "played" because we always just end up combining teams and scrimmaging each other. Anyway, I jogged lazily around the field and pretended I was playing but I was way too tired from BI. Doris was on the sideline and halfway through the game we decided to go get popsicles for the team.

So we walk to La Verde's and get to the frozen foods aisle.

There are 3 freezer doors of popsicles and Ben and Jerry's and other ice creams but I had my eyes set on these:

Edy's fruit bars, assorted, 12-pack. We had about 15-16 people on the field including players and loiterers so if some people shared, we'd be good. But when I went to open the freezer door we realized that the entire ice cream section was taped shut, like packing tape was stretched across all three freezer doors, preventing us from opening the doors (I tried, hoping the tape would stretch a little, which they didn't.) Doris tells me to go ask the guy at the counter...

Me: "Can we get ice cream?"
Counter guy: "No."
Me: "Whyyyyyyy..."
CG: "The freezer is broken."
Me: "But it's so hot outside..."
CG: "Ok if you can get to the ice cream without opening the doors, you can have it."
Me: "OK!"

So Doris and I got back to the ice cream aisle and we assess that the 12-pack assorted Edy's fruit bars are about 6-7 boxes away from the first openable door. Starting from the ones closest to the door, it was lemon, then strawberry, then lemonade, then coconut, then lime (all 6-packs), THEN the 12-pack. UGH. So I reach across and I can only get to the beginning of the coconut, there was no way I can get to the 12-pack. So Doris and I settle for strawberry (which was easy to get to) and then we really wanted the lime.

I try again to reach the lime but my arms were still too short. So Doris says, "Let me try, my arms are longer." So she reeeeeaaaches across the freezer doors and can barely reach the beginning of the lime box. She falls over, sitting on a bag of ice where her butt is, and leans a little bit more to tip the lime off the shelf and it falls to the bottom of the freezer, which made it much easier to pick up. Success!!

Btw, if anyone were to walk by during this entire popsicle-retrieving endeavor, they would've seen me or Doris with half our bodies inside the freezer, sitting on bags of ice, with the other half of our body hanging out of the freezer. If only we had brought a camera with us.

So Doris climbs out of the freezer clutching the prized lime bars and says, "I think I ripped my shirt." HAHA and sure enough she turns around and there's this hole in her shirt from the edge of the shelf digging into her back. And it's like a cotton work attire shirt too, not a frisbee t-shirt.

So we bring our strawberry and lime bars to the counter and he says, "You really wanted popsicles, huh?" And I was like, "YES. it's REALLY hot outside." hahaha yayyy popsicles. They were totally worth it. Except I didn't really do anything for them, it was all Doris and her long arms. Haha.