Sunday, January 3, 2010

Awesome Vacation Day 3

First, let's play a matching game: Match the calves with their respective owners (please do not guess if you're one of the four guys in the picture)! The guys are, in alphabetical order: Bryan, Charles, Eugene, Keith. First one to guess correctly wins a round of applause from me.

A pic of Keith and the ladies on a porch swing on our deck:

We head over to Hermosa Beach because that's where Keith says all the ladies are. A few people go running on the beach and then we all play some beach volleyball! Our mom took a group picture of us but Charles had wandered off somewhere, so we dubbed him our Grandpa because he kept leaving us.

And then cover Keith in sand:

For lunch we go to Onami which is this Japanese sushi and seafood buffet. We all stuffed our faces... mmm... they also had a disturbingly bright green ice cream that was supposed to be green tea ice cream. I didn't try it because it was so weird looking =P

Btw, we had all bought matching t-shirts in Hollywood to commemorate this awesome vacation. Haha some people were more excited than others to wear them though:

Charles and Bryan playing around while we're filling up on gas on our way to San Diego to visit Sluts!:

On our way down we stop by at the San Juan Capistrano Mission. However the admission price was $9 with no student discounts so we decided to forgo that

And instead go to the llama farm!!! kiss...

...and feed the llamas!

Ok it was really a petting zoo that had llamas in it but it's much more fun to call it a llama farm. Us at the llama farm (right after this picture was taken the llama behind Wuisiew started eating her hair.. haha):

Then we finally made our way to Sluts' house! This is her in her hammock in the backyard - don't you love California in the winter? :)

This is me and Bryan on her tiny couch:

And this is a picture of a picture of Sluts when she was little (isn't she adorable?!):

And this is Keith playing with random things in Sluts' room!

And this is me with her coca cola polar bear! (I don't think Sluts has still recovered from us invading her space.. haha):

And then we decided to take a picture, prom style, on her staircase in all of our matching Hollywood shirts (Eugene is trying to hide behind the light):

Then we settle in for an exciting game of Wii Super Mario (Wuisiew is sad because she lost the rosham to be the first 4 to play):

Then her parents make us yummy burritos for dinner:

Yay San Diego!! :D
(Don't forget to play the calves matching game!)