Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frisbee Goals

We had our first practice of 2010 on Tues night. There was a giant scaffolding thing in the middle of the indoor track so we couldn't really do much, but this IAP we're working on basic frisbee skills: throwing and catching (and other things? I don't know) so the scaffolding didn't really bother us.

Jin and Shuang wanted a quantitative measure of our improvement over the next few months so she had us throw and then run after the disc, pick it up, throw again, run after it... all the way around the inside of the track, 4 times around the track - forehands twice and backhands twice. I kept throwing under the screens so the disc slid onto the track where the runners club was running. They were pretty pissed =P

We worked on forehands: gripping the disc tight, angling the disc for I/O or O/I, and accuracy. I was also working on throwing under pressure. Jin said, "Imagine Nurit marking you, and Kathy Dobson covering Smeri." Jeez. To help out, she and Shuangy held hands and became a giant 2-headed mark. =P

We made some goals for IAP to help focus our skills. I'm typically really bad at goal-setting. I need someone to tell me what to work on because I have a difficult time seeing the overall picture. But with some help, I came up with my goals for IAP and probably extending to the rest of the season:
  • To become an awesome mid. Which means cutting... ugh so tiring. =P I want to be a more versatile player than just a handler and to be a threat everywhere on the field! muahaha
  • To vary my cuts as a cutter. I need to branch out from the Asian stutter.
  • To be a reliable dump - be more aggressive, quicker, louder and more effective in my communication. This has been an ongoing goal for the last 2-3 years and I feel like I've improved a lot, but after playing club for 2 seasons I think I have to step it up even more.