Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Awesome Vacation Day 4 & 5

We woke up and went to Torrey Pines in San Diego:

to go on a mini-hike!

Along the way we saw dangerous sand dunes (not really)...

...and beautiful views

Happy mini hikers on top of the mini mountain:

We also visited the visitor's center and I played with the finger puppets:

And enjoyed the view again:

And on our way down, Charles was running to get into this picture and completely fell over:

Which way to the beach???

The descent to the beach (yikes) It was high tide but we decided to go anyway:

Trying not to fall on top of each other as we go down:

Almost there!

Walking along the beach and the cliffs:

We get out to this area that has some rocks sticking out of the ocean. But the path to get there is partially covered by waves so it's like playing real life super mario!

Keith was the first to make it:

Some people stayed behind because they didn't want to get wet:

On our way back:

Somehow Hansen managed to stay dry the entire time:

And we found a rock that looked like a face. Man-made or natural? What do you think?:

Then some people decided to climb the lifeguard tower:

Some people had more trouble than others:

Then we all went to Roberto's to have lunch (mmm Mexican food):

Then we went to YogurtWorld for more ice cream:

And then walked around downtown SD and stopped by the Ghirardelli store where their tables were giant Ghirardelli squares :D

A few of us then tried on sunglasses at Oakley:

Charles trying to be a penguin (look, the penguins are so tiny...):

We also stopped by the harbor to look at the sailboats:

Eugene being a monkey:

For dinner we had a bonfire on the beach!

Bryan roasted 6 sausages on the same stick:

Later that night we drove home to LA and wiped out. The next morning Charles left for the airport and we picked up Smeri. Then the boys stayed home and played video games while Clare, Meri and I did jump runs on the beach:

The end :)