Thursday, December 24, 2009

Awesome Vacation Day 2

Most of the time the eight of us have been driving around California in a Honda Pilot, which Charles says is a clown car. But it's really fun because we're all together :)

On day 2 we went to my favorite park because it has a giant farmer's market and on Saturday mornings there are tons of little kids playing flag football and it's super cute. We ran a few laps around the park and then did some lifting and throwing:

and then we bought food at the farmer's market. We shared a giant bag of kettle corn (sooo yummy...)

Then we took a picture with Santa because Charles said it didn't feel like Christmas. What a creepy Santa:

Then we to get dim sum with my parents and they were really amused at how we roshamed all the leftovers. Eugene lost (won) a lot:

Then we drove to Griffith Observatory where we could see the Hollywood sign:

Then we actually went into the observatory and watched the Foucault Pendulum:

And Keith played with the heat sensor:

And Eugene tried being an astronaut:

This is us in front of the Griffith:

And us with a view of Los Angeles:

Then we went to Yogurtland! Which is this awesome frozen yogurt place with both sweet and tart frozen yogurts. You serve yourself and there are like 14 different flavors you can try. And here we are concentrating very hard on eating our frozen yogurt:

And the spoons are biodegradable and made out of corn! So of course the boys (minus Charles) had to try and eat the spoons while Charles stood there and judged:

Then we went to Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive:

And then drove around Beverly Hills and saw Michael Jackson's House and the Greystone Mansion and the playboy mansion and other things. But it was really dark and everything was gated so we really didn't see anything. =P

Then we drove back to Torrance and went to Sue's kitchen for dinner... yummy beef noodle soup!!

Then we went back to my place and my brother and his friends challenged us to Cranium so of course we had to accept:

And of course we won :)