Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Engagement Story

Ok, I've been putting off this post for a while (no reason... just putting it off... maybe it's because I knew I couldn't write this post without being cheesy) so here goes, cheese and all:

Bryan and I have been talking about getting engaged and married sometime in 2010/2011 and I knew that he had asked my parents for their permission/blessing when he came to California with me in July 2009. But as it neared the end of 2009 I was getting kinda anxious because I wanted to be engaged before Christmas so I could share it with my family when I saw them in winter break. I wasn't very subtle about it so I sent him links with rings that I thought were pretty and I bugged him to go ring shopping. Most of the time he just ignored me or started talking about puppies and then I'd get distracted, but finally one day out of the blue, he said we could go. (!!)

I woke up on Saturday morning (Nov. 14) and it was POURING outside. You know, it had rained during the fall, and Boston falls are always rainy, but this particular day was pouring like none other.

B: So do you still want to go ring shopping?
K: Yes... ... no... ...maybe not... it's raining...
B: Yes, I know it's raining, do you want to go still?
K: Ok... it's raining really hard though.

After a couple minutes of debating I finally decided that I did want to go, even if it was just to leave the house for a little bit, since it was supposed to rain all day, so we headed out.

K: So where are we going?
B: Let's go to the Cambridgeside Galleria
K: Ok
B: We can walk to Mass Ave and take the #1 bus to MIT and then walk to Kendall and take the Galleria shuttle
K: What? That's dumb, why don't we just take the T from Central to Kendall and then take the shuttle?
B: Oh yeah, okay. That makes much more sense.
K: gives Bryan a "stop-being-dumb" look

We start walking towards the T stop and just when we're going down the stairs to the station, Bryan says:

B: I change my mind. Let's go to the Pru. There's a better selection there.
K: Ok...

So we hop on the #1 bus (actually, we sprinted for the bus so we were both soaking when we got on) and rode a few minutes in silence, trying to catch our breath. Just when we get to MIT, Bryan says:

B: I change my mind again! Let's go to the Galleria.
K: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! OMG. **death stare**

We get off the #1 bus and cross the street. I told him at least we could take a trip down memory lane since neither Bryan nor I are around MIT that much anymore. I spend most of my time at the VA Medical Center at the Heath Street stop on the Green "E" line. And Bryan slaves away 15 hours a day at his consulting job. Anyway, I digress... So as you know, Bryan and I met at MIT. More specifically we met in the Course 3 (Materials Science) Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory (more affectionately called UGTL) where we were TAs our first semester. For those of you who are familiar with MIT, Bryan and I TAed in the "fishbowl lab" at the end of the Infinite Corridor. Japanese tourists used to come by, point and take pictures of us. =P

So we're walking down the Infinite and we stop in front of UGTL to look in and then suddenly I look over and see that Bryan is down on one knee in the middle of the Infinite. O.M.G.

My heart starts beating 10x faster and Bryan starts to say stuff and I don't really hear anything. Then he pulls out a little book he made, titled, "Ten Reasons Why We Should Spend the Rest of our Lives Together." I'm not going to show all of them, but some of the reasons were more serious and important:

(7. We both value our friends and families)

while some of them were more funny and silly:

(1. We like to play ultimate together. You like to huck, I like to cut for you.)

I had to put the frisbee-related one in! And it was reason #1! Haha! And it ended with:

(10. We have so many more memories to make together...)

Originally, we were talking about how awesome it'd be to go to Hawai'i but I don't think we're going to do that anytime soon anymore.

Then he said he loved me* and then gave me a box to open:

And then he asked me to marry him! I said, "Of course!" and then I was shaking so much I had a hard time opening the box, but I eventually dug out this:

And here we are, all nerdy and smiley in front of UGTL (the scar on my pinky knuckle is from indoor layout practice two nights before):

Then I called my family and some friends while Bryan sent emails from his Crackberry (he actually has a Droid now but I still call it a Crackberry because he's still addicted to it) and then walked back to his place to make cake and watch Northwestern football beat the Illini. =D

*This was the first time Bryan said he loved me. We decided a while ago that we wouldn't say it until we got engaged so it'd be more meaningful.

// End cheese.