Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Southerns: sMITe vs Duke

This point is one towards the end of our game against Duke on Saturday. Lemme narrate:
  1. Amy picks up the pull and hucks it to Michelle (#6), who comes down with it
  2. Amy gets the dump back from Michelle and swings it to Becky (#16)
  3. Becky then swings it to Smeri who puts up a backhand huck to Michelle, who catches it close to our endzone
  4. Patricia (#3) stands by Michelle, scratching her head (maybe she doesn't realize that she's not in?), then moves into the stack
  5. Amy gets the dump and swings it to Becky
  6. After a few not-open in-cuts, Becky throws it to Smeri who scores. Yay!