Saturday, March 20, 2010

Southerns Day 1!

I am currently writing LIVE from Statesboro, GA where sMITe just finished the first day of Southerns. Today's conditions were beautiful. We were up just as the sun was rising and our fields, although really really far away from disc central and any bathrooms, were beautiful with lush green (short) grass. There was a little bit of wind, and it was warm but not hot,

We started off playing Georgia College & State in our first round. There was still a lot of dew on the grass so everything was really slippery and it was hard for people to make hard cuts. But it was great to get our feet under us and run hard and use a full-sized field! We started out with horizontal stack and man D and won the first three points readily making it 3-0. GC&S liked their backhand hucks and I got broken on my mark around a bunch of times and it was sad. They were in general a really scrappy team and looked for deep looks from their main handler. But we took half 7-4.

In the second half we traded points until the end of the game. There was one point where Becky had the disc and the stall count was getting high. I made a dump cut but didn't get open, then Smeri was the bail-out dump cut, but she wiped out on the wet grass as she was making her dump cut, and took me out too. I was really excited about all of Becky's nice dump cuts and swing. We spent a lot of the first round working out our positioning on ho-stack, which got a lot better throughout the day. We also worked on our three-man cup which was semi-successful but their main handler still got a lot of hucks off. Anna also had an awesome lay out in the end zone for a score. Final score: 11-8.

After our second round bye we played Mary Washington. We worked more on our ho-stack and got a lot better. We took half pretty quickly 7-1. Michelle, one of our star freshmen, had an amazing lay-out grab. This was also the game where Ashley, our new sophomore recruit that joined in January, started getting a ton of run-through Ds. Final score: 13-3.

Our next round was against Florida State, aka the pink team. They had a lot of nice I/O breaks and we had a frustrating first few points and the score was 3-6. But we got our heads back in the game and came back to score a few points but they took half 7-5. The second half of the game we didn't let them score and won 9-7. Come-back!!

Our last game was against Duke and we lost half 2-7. But we got our heads back in the game, stepped our defense, and traded points. Final score 6-13.

First round tmr is 8:30 vs Wake Forest.

Tired... sleepy... Jin needs her computer back. Thanks Jin!

Oh yeah, and THANK YOU DAPHNE for saving our butts on Friday when Budget Rental Cars were giving us a hard time (another post of its own).

Good night!