Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Game vs. Harvard

Crap, I started this last week and forgot to finish it.

Last Wed we played Harvard on their outdoor turf. It was a relatively warm night (maybe 40s) and no wind at all! It took a few points at the beginning for people to get used to stretching their legs and running all out and to not be afraid of falling (the turf won't hurt you!) I think after a while of indoor ultimate, people tend to hold back because the indoor track isn't that big and depending on the type of shoes you have there is little traction so ppl slip and fall and twist ankles more easily. So it was awesome to be able to play outdoors and run all out.

We started off in ho-stack and it was a little stagnant at first, but people remembered to cut deep for your buddy, and then to cut in after you cut deep. Our endzone plays were also a little messy and undisciplined, but I remember it working once or twice, which was really exciting!

We played a little bit of everything: vert and ho offenses, zone O, zone D, straight up man D. Some things we need to work on:

1. Playing more conservative and using our dump/swing more often
We have a tendency to get over-excited on the endzone line and throw high-risk throws that inevitably result in a turnover.

2. Man defense and switchy defense
Harvard played a lot of ho-stack and it would've benefited us to help each other more on defense. I think we know in our minds what we're supposed to do, we just have to practice it with each other and be intentional about doing it.

I honestly don't remember that much from the Harvard game. =P Anyway, this weekend is Southerns! Yay