Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What an awesome vacation... (Day 1)

A bunch of friends came to California to stay with me for the best vacation EVER...

Day 0
Bryan, Keith, Charles, and I flew from Boston to California on a Virgin America flight. If you've never flown Virgin before, it's totally worth it. The four of us sat in a row and played around with the tv functions, including seat-to-seat chat and ordering your beverage from your seat, and tv! We also all watched Jersey Shore together =P My dad picked us up, then we picked up Wuisiew who was waiting for us in another terminal

On our flight to California:

Day 1
After picking up Clare and Eugene, we made our way to Hollywood, where we saw the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Mann Theater, and some wax statues:

Bryan and Keith? Who's Brian Keith?

Bryan meets his idol

It's kinda creepy how real the wax statues look...

Harry Potter!!

Then we had lunch at In-N-Out. Bryan doesn't like In-N-Out so he ate at Carls Jr... =P

Then we drove west to the Getty Museum which is the awesome beautiful place with amazing architecture. And of course we have to take pictures like this:

Then we stayed at the Getty to watch the sunset:

Then we drove south along the coast to Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade which is a street with a bunch of shopping. And they had these dinosaur bushes that had shoot water:

Then we went to El Cholo for dinner and had the most amazing Mexican food:

Then we made our way back to my house where we cleaned our pores with nose and face strips from CVS. Keith won... (I won't show you the disgusting picture of the blackheads)