Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't do this to me again

This morning I was just about to shut off my computer and head out for lab, when I got a phone call from a very groggy Keith. He asked, "Hey... did you leave yet?" And I told him I was just about to, when Doris's name popped up on my gchat and she asked "Hey... are you leaving soon?" I told her the same thing.

Then both Keith (on the phone) and Doris (through gchat) at the same time, start telling me how Doris left her wallet and phone at home and she was wondering whether I could bring it to Keith so he could pass it off to Doris at work. I was like, "ahhh too many modes of communication at once, and, ok."

So I go over to Doris' room and grab her purse which has her wallet and her phone inside (I checked). Then this is the rest of the conversation:

D: thanks so much... my wallet is in my white purse on my dresser and my phone is probably on my bed/desk
me: your phone is in your purse
D: no, my phone is probably on my bed
me: your phone is in your purse!!!

At this point, I had to stop and think, "Wait, what does she mean by purse?" Because Doris has one of those tiny tiny purses that can fit maybe 3 credit cards and some people call that a "clutch." (I don't really know, I only own one "purse" in my lifetime and I got it in grad school...) And I opened her "purse/clutch" and took out her cell phone and purposely thought, "This is definitely a cell phone, HER cell phone..." then decided Doris was crazy and I'll just give her the entire thing. Thanks for making me question my sanity this morning, Doris.