Friday, November 6, 2009

Throwing low!!

Because it allows you to get around your mark, throw more consistently in the wind, and it's fun!

  • Faking makes your mark move and thus gives you more time and more space to throw. Fake hard one way and throw the other. For example, step around to fake a backhand and then come back to throw a low flick. I've tried faking high and throwing low but it doesn't really work for me. Other fakes that work well: shoulder fake or high release backhand fake over the mark's shoulder.
  • Don't fake too fast. Remember to fake hard, not fast. You need to give your mark time to bite on the fake and shift over so that you have time to throw what you really want to throw.
  • Fakes are much more believable when you flick your wrist like you're actually going to release the disc. I know it's obvious, but good fakes are throws that don't actually go off. As a beginner frisbee player, one of the hardest things about faking is changing your grip between a flick and backhand. Walk to class with a disc in your hand and just practice changing your grip over and over again. You'll look awesome and become a pro in no time :D
  • Faking is really fun when you can fake out your mark and they start walking away thinking you've thrown the disc when it's actually still in your hand :)
  • The word "fake" looks really weird now that I've written it and repeated it in my brain a bunch of times. =P
Watch were you step:
  • I'm a pretty non-confrontational thrower, meaning when I throw, I'll step out to the side, even slightly backwards so that I don't have to get involved with the mark. Work on stepping out in various places when you throw to mix it up. For example, practicing stepping forward through your mark, and out to the side, slightly behind, and all the angles in between.
  • Being tall with long limbs helps so much with getting around your mark. Most of the time I can't really see around my mark when i forget to fake, and I'll be honest, a lot of times I'm throwing blindly at a receiver I saw cutting in and hope she's still cutting in. =P Yes I know I have to fake more.
  • Bend your knees when you throw low. It makes you more stable and helps you get low.
  • Personally I need to work on stepping forward, through my mark on both my backhand and flick, but especially on my backhands. I think I get fouled a lot and I don't even know it. =P
Angle of the disc:
  • Because you're releasing from low point, you need to tip the front edge of the disc up so that the disc will travel upwards to your receiver's chest. Discs flying 4 inches above the ground are really hard to catch.
Practice a lot! Start throwing at knee-level, then work towards shin-level, then ankle-level, then you can work on what Shuangy does, which is dig a disc-sized hole in the ground, throw beneath ground-level, and then cover the hole back up. =P One of your butt-cheeks will be really sore from trying to throw that low, but that's okay, it's a mark of a good thrower :D