Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scrimmage against Harvard

Two Fridays ago sMITe went to Harvard for a scrimmage. We started around 3:30pm and conditions were very windy and COLD. Harvard played a lot of zone defense on us, using a large 3-man cup where the off-point poached off and tried taking away the other handler. It was largely effective because it's always scary throwing to someone when there's a defender so close to them, but faking and pivoting always does the trick. I think we won the first point with awesome zone offensive flow. Then things got more hairy (harry?) as the game went on.

sMITe mixed up our defense, playing zone D, clam, and man. I think all three of our defenses were average. Our zone D worked well because we have a fast cup that stayed together for the most part, but we needed better communication and switching between the wings and short deep. Our clam worked well with the two defenders on the open side passing people off to each other but we got stuck many times with the disc flowing down the break side. Our man D could be a lot better - staying on the open side, dictating, and backpedaling.

Halfway through the scrimmage, the lights went out! It was pitch-black for about 10-15 minutes so we played some "WAH" to keep warm (not really - it was still ridiculously cold). Then the lights came back on and we were able to resume our game. =P

There were a few points were it was so windy that Meri, who was playing wing on zone O, couldn't grip the disc tight enough to wind up to throw the swing. She kept faking me out by almost throwing it and then deciding to keep holding on to the disc because she didn't have a good enough grip to throw. I also threw a lot of turnovers just from the cold, poor decision making, etc... it was not a good game for me.

The season is winding down and we're having a goals meeting tomorrow and an end-of-season dinner after Thanksgiving. Then Christmas and then IAP and then spring season!