Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wuwu! (Day 2)

We won in the finals (4/3 Div 1)! We beat Stonecutters in the quarters and Gothrilla in the semis, and then we played Swingers in the finals. There were impending t-storms, so we played until we first saw lightning. We were down 4-1, and then 6-3, and then somehow we went on a 5-0 run so that at 8-6, when lightning struck, and we immediately stopped the game and we had won! Lucky timing, haha.

There were some amazing Ds from Kes, Wu, and Yang. Pretty hucks from Shawn and Bill as always. Many point blocks by Matty (although there was a guy who managed to throw in between his legs, haha!) Injured Doris a lot by making her lay out; hehe jk, the "Doris is pretty" play worked *almost* every time, until she broke. X had a few nice grabs as well. Anna and Cindy were clutch with their continue cuts. Props to the ladies who powered through this weekend; played with 4 on Sat and 5 on Sun (and 3 during the finals). I surprised myself by laying out a few times; maybe NG is rubbing off on me, next step: some layout Ds! :) Bryan, you'll teach me, right? :)

It's always really fun giving it your all. Even though some people think it was "just summer league" I played really hard and had a great time. I'll miss playing with these people. Luckily they're all on Mixed Nuts so we can continue playing together for a few more months :)

Who has the team picture?!