Monday, August 22, 2011

New cleats!

I haven't bought new cleats in 3 years. My current pair of cleats were given to me as a gift from Keiko on Hatch 3 years ago. If I remember correctly, they were first given to Doris because she forgot her cleats at Club Regionals, and Keiko was like, "I have a box full of cleats in my car!" And she really did have a box full of cleats in her car; she was literally driving around a cleat store that just carried size 7-8 women's cleats, it was pretty epic! Apparently she buys cleats and if they don't fit her, she just leaves them in a box in her car for other people.

Anyway, that's how I ended up with my pair of Keiko cleats. I love that pair of cleats; they lasted 3 years (through 2 seasons of college and 2 seasons of club), they never gave me any problems and they were amazing. It was only recently that I felt my feet sliding around a lot in my cleats and they're just starting to fall apart.

I bought three pairs of cleats on Zappos last night (Bryan, don't freak out if you see a $150-charge for Zappos on our Mint account, I promise I will return two pairs of cleats once I figure out which one fits the best, haha). They're supposed to ship to Ashdown, but I don't move in until Thursday and I hope they don't arrive before then and the front desk sends them back because I'm not there yet! I plan to break them in at Chesapeake, not the smartest move, but I really need new cleats.

These are the ones I ended up ordering:

Puma Esito Finale

Nike Tiempo Natural

Puma Powercat 3.10

I had an old pair of the Nike Tiempos; they were comfortable but the cleats were flat and wide, and I kept slipping a lot. It looks like they changed them into pegs, so hopefully they will be better. I secretly hope the Puma Powercat fits the best because they just look so awesome. :D I was also told that Pumas run small, so I got a half size larger for the Pumas. Anyway, we'll see.

What cleats do you wear/like?