Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pranking John

Keith and I get back from Phoenix Landing on Friday night and he mentions something about pranking John by filling his room with cups of water (John was in Chicago for the weekend). Being the enabler and also a little bit tipsy, I said, "OK. WHERE ARE THE CUPS!?" So Keith brings out all the cups we have in the apartment, and we start placing and filling cups...

Keith starts at one end side of the room with teeny tiny paper Dixie cups ("I hope these cups don't disintegrate... they have to hold up for a few days."):

And I start on the other side with more durable Solo cups. I also got really ambitious and put lots of cups of water behind his bookshelf:

By the way, filling up cups of water at 3:00am while trying to sober up is not the best idea in the world. BUT IT'S STILL WORTH IT.

At this time, Keith has the sense of mind to remove anything valuable off the ground that might get wet, like... John's guitar. =P

At around 3:30am, we run out of cups, and go to bed, vowing to continue the next morning.

Next morning... after sleeping in and eating a hearty breakfast, I walk over to Walgreens in Inman Sq and clean them out: 6 packs (3 packs red, 3 packs clear) of 80 solo cups each for $5/pack. And continue working our way through John's room:

Pretty soon Keith finishes his side:

And then comes over to help me with mine:

At this point, Keith yells, "KAREN YOU LEFT THE LAMP ON!!!" ... crrraaaaaapppp. See that lamp in the top left corner of the previous picture? Yes, we had already placed about 20-ish rows of cups in front of it. So I carefully remove two cups in the middle of the sea of cups, gently step into the hole, turn off the lamp, and carefully step back. Ninja skills win!!

More filling:

See how much care we take into going around stuff like the chair? :)

I find a few more cups in the cupboard, and after about 30 min on Fri and a little more than an hr on Sat, we have our final masterpiece!

John gets back at like 12:30am on Sunday night, the EXACT SAME TIME as Keith and I get back from a wedding. So I follow John to videotape his reaction:

Then we all help him clean up (takes about 30 minutes between the three of us):

And Keith even mops John's floor:

And John still loves us!

But I am still going to watch my back for the next two months...

Happy 4th of July! :D