Friday, July 29, 2011


A few months ago, Bryan and I were booking plane tickets. When I put in "1 adult" the price per seat was $119, but then when I put in "2 adults" the price jumped to $329 PER seat. I tried switching back and forth a few times but whenever I put in "2 adults" the price always jumped to $329 per seat.

My solution was to purchase one ticket on my computer and another ticket Bryan's computer simultaneously. But of course it didn't work; my purchase went through for $119 and Bryan's Jetblue page said "ERROR" on it. We figured that there was just one seat left at the cheap price.

We decided to switch to Virgin Airlines altogether, because they had flight options that fit our travel plans, at $139 a flight instead of Jetblue's $119, but we had to cancel my Jetblue flight first. So Bryan calls Jetblue customer service and I overhear:

B: "I need to cancel my wife's plane ticket." ... pause ... "Well, it's just.. it's just... ALL wrong, everything is wrong, she just did it ALL wrong!"

Me: (mouthing) "Seriously?!?!"

B: (to customer service) "Ok great, thanks!" then hangs up.

Me: "What was that?!"

B: "What?! It worked!"