Friday, July 22, 2011

Mixed Nuts

Some thoughts on recent practices

- Humidity makes throwing backhands really difficult for me. The disc tends to stick to my hand and I release it way too late, causing all sorts of accuracy/speed problems. Wu suggested having a shorter backswing; I've been trying it with varying levels of success.

- It really helps me to hear "swing!" or "Karen!" when I'm getting the dump and getting ready to swing the disc. I basically make the decision on whether I'm going to swing the disc as I am catching the dump, and it helps to hear that someone is cutting for the swing before I can see him/her.

- It helps me to hear people talking on the field in general. It improves team cohesiveness, morale, and prevents me from tunnel-visioning. :)

- Recently I've been hearing Dillon more on the sideline when I'm on the field. It helps to hear instructions when I'm marking. Thanks Dillon!

- Speaking of Dillon, I think he should get an inverse mohawk (shave right down the middle of his head) to complement Craig's mohawk. "That way when one stands in front of the other, they look like they have a full head of hair!" -Bryan... Anyway, who's with me?! haha

- When cutting, it's really important to run at a person before changing speed/direction.

- Hydrate hydrate hydrate this weekend!!

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