Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pie Thought Process

Thanks to everyone who voted for pies! (Except for jSun, who voted for everything twice and essentially disqualified himself.)

Anyway, the current votes (as of right now, Tues. 11/16, 1:00pm EST), in order of rank are:

1. key lime pie (12 votes)
1. apple crumb pie (12 votes)
3. chocolate silk pecan pie (10 votes)
3. pumpkin pie (10 votes)
3. pumpkin cheesecake pie (10 votes)
6. mocha walnut pie (9 votes)
6. chocolate bourbon pecan pie (9 votes)
8. cheddar pear pie (8 votes)
9. peanut butter pie (7 votes)
10. cranberry pie (6 votes)

Because key lime pie and apple crumb pie are the current winners, I am going to make those two. I've never made key lime pie before and I don't think I've had it before either (so I have no idea what it's supposed to look/taste like). But it sounds good (I like lime sorbet...) so that'll be an adventure. The recipe doesn't look too involved either.

As for apple crumb pie, I'm kinda sick of making and eating it (I think I made 4-5 apple pies in 2 weeks after our apple picking spree last month). But I promised Michelle that I'd make her an apple pie when she came over. And I am true to my word, so I will be making the boring apple crumble pie. "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful one hundred percent!" I think I just referred to myself as an elephant. :(

There are a few pies that combine nuts and chocolate to varying degrees and kinds: chocolate silk pecan pie (10 votes), mocha walnut pie (9 votes), and chocolate bourbon pecan pie (9 votes). They all sound pretty amazing, and I conveniently have a groupon to Petsi Pies so I think I'm just going to buy one (the chocolate bourbon pecan pie). Hey! It's not a cop-out! This just allows for a larger variety of pies to be served at the pie party :) Plus, pecans are expensive.

For the last pie, I'm having trouble deciding between something pumpkin-y (the pumpkin cheesecake pie) and the cheddar pear pie. If I were to make something pumpkin-y I'd go with the pumpkin cheesecake pie since I've made pumpkin pie so many times already (but from a can, not from a real pumpkin). I personally don't really enjoy pumpkin pie... Bryan loves pumpkin pie so much that he could finish off a whole pumpkin pie in a day if he wanted to, so when I make pumpkin pies, he and the rest of Antrim eat all of it. So if I were to make the pumpkin cheesecake pie, I'd probably eat very little of it.

The cheddar pear pie sounds either disgusting or delicious, but I think it'll be an adventure either way, and I've been feeling adventurous, so I'm prooobbably going with the cheddar pear pie, even though it got a pretty low pie ranking. Don't hate, it's my party, I get to make whatever I want :D

So there you have it:

1. key lime pie
2. apple pie
3. chocolate bourbon pecan pie (from Petsi Pies)
4. cheddar pear pie

Oh, and I know I've been saying I'd email people about the pie party, but I'm lazy so if you wanna come, just come, no need to bring anything unless you wanna bring another pie!!

11/18, 9:00PM, Antrim. Email me if you need more instructions.