Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No sideburns for you

Monday night I gave Bryan a haircut because he getting more and more fur-ball-ish. I did it once in the summer and it actually turned out fine, but I wanted to do it more regularly to save money and I think it's kinda fun... like living art or something.

I used a "2" on the sides/back, and then used scissors to cut the rest of his hair. After I decided I was pretty much done, Bryan hands me the clippers and says, "use the comb as a guide to taper the sideburns." And I thought, "I don't need a comb, why do I need a comb?" not realizing that he had taken off the guide on the clippers. heh heh.

Wellll so I put the clippers up against his temple and the next thing I knew his sideburn was gone, and I was like, "OOPS." And Bryan was shocked for 2 seconds, and then put on his disapproving face for like 10 seconds while checking out the damage in the mirror. And the whole time I just couldn't stop laughing. He tried to get me to shave off his other sideburn so he looks even but I was laughing way too hard to be trusted with clippers so he had to do it himself.

Next month, I will do better. :D

[**EDIT**] Ok so I know it's not much of a post without pictures, but to be honest, I don't think it's that bad. Some people say guys looks weird without sideburns, but I feel like I didn't shave that much off and it doesn't actually look that weird. =P