Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nice try buddy

B: "Wanna play in fall club on Thursday?"

K: "Ok" (I told him I'd play more frisbee with him and just spend more time with him in general)

B: "Ok! I'm excited, I have been going over a particular play in my head. Wanna hear it?!"

K: "Ok, shoot."

B: "Ok, I'm in the middle for ho-stack, and you're in the middle to handle."

K: "Ok, that's typical."

B: "And then you throw to me for an in-cut, and then I give it back to you, kind of like a big dish, and then you huck it to me as I run deep."

K: "... ... You know Smeri and I have been doing that for like the last 3 years, right? That's the play "Smeri to Karen to Smeri to Karen to Karen to Smeri to Smeri..."

B: "Oh..."