Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sMITe awards dinner

We had our team end-of-season dinner tonight (thanks Amy for hosting!) Here are the freshmen/rookies we initiated by nicknaming them:

First up is Alex, freshman, who is 5'0" and aptly named "Pint Size."

Next is Chenxia, who even though she's a senior, only got her shirt today... It's because she wasn't there last year at the awards dinner. But this girl is solid on the field and doesn't get pushed around.

Next is Michelle who loves everything (her award was "The Free Love Award") and she's "The Claw" because her arm has a mind of its own and naturally gravitates towards the disc and snatches it out of the air.

Next up is Patricia "FUCK" Li, another freshman on our team. She has such a potty mouth. Hrm, why is "Peanut" crossed out and "Fuck" written on top of it? Well, let's just say Smeri messed up and it's funnier this way anyway.

Next up is Cindy who is in California right now (we miss you Cindy!) but her nickname is "Martha Stewart" because she's such a mom (she brings bandaids!) and you don't want to mess with her. Haha ;)

Next is Ashley who is "THE WALL." No one gets around her when she's marking, and she stands her ground on the field. Multiple people (including me) just bounce off of her when they collide with her.

Another freshman, Carolyn, is nicknamed "Miss America," my personal favorite nickname out of the bunch. Smeri calls her "classically pretty" with her blonde hair and blue eyes. And she even showed up at team dinner with French pedicured nails, for Pete's sake!! Also, she was Smeri's secret tournament buddy and gave Smeri blue glitter eyeliner so Smeri could be beautiful like her.

Daisy is "Popcorn" for being an excellent popper on the field.

Anna is, of course, "SUNSHINE." Yayyy :)

I'm going to miss sMITe. I mean, I already do. :(