Thursday, May 6, 2010

Omg Regionals!

Well, this is it! This weekend is going to be my last college tournament of my LIFE. (Not to be melodramatic or anything. =P) I'm feeling a whole bunch of emotions that I don't really know how to deal with. I'm excited to play with so many awesome people that I've gotten to know this past year (or past 4 years!) I'm nervous and jittery because I'm always nervous and jittery before big tournaments. And I'm feeling really sad because I've played with some of these people, like Amy and Smeri, for a really long time and I'm going to miss playing with them (I know there's still summer league and other fun tournaments, but it's not the same, and Smeri doesn't play for fun anyway). I'm also kinda scared because Smeri told me she's going to abandon me since we'll have nothing in common after we stop playing sMITe together. =( I'm also feeling kinda relieved because I've played on sMITe for a long time and I'm ready for a change.

And for purely nostalgic purposes I dug up some old pictures from my first year on sMITe:

This is the very first tournament I played in for sMITe: Club Sectionals on Sept. 16-17, 2006. Wow and I just realized that Smeri has her arm over my shoulder! Haha I think that was the first, maybe second, time that we met each other. :) I guess that's what playing savage does to a team :) And there's Amy too, already the star freshman and captain-to-be.:) You know, we all look EXACTLY the same as we did 4 years ago. =P

Then a short month later, we played in Purple Valley and here are Smeri and me doing leg raises in a random dorm at Williams... Btw, I don't think leg raises really does anything for me except make my legs go numb. Funny this was the LAST time sMITe played in Purple Valley, mainly due to the fact that Smeri hates sleeping in college dorms. Haha. Now that she's not on sMITe anymore I wonder if they'll start going to Purple Valley again. =P

Then this was Huck a Hunk in November of 2006. We were traffic signs! =P

I *think* this was 2007 at some tournament in the fall. We played in 5 tournaments that fall so I don't actually remember any of them. Btw, look at all the pictures in this post... Smeri has her eyes closed in ALL of them. Oh wait, that's just how she normally looks. You know, because she's 2/3 Asian. =P

Anyway, who's ready for regionals?! :)