Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We had our entire team at practice today! It was so awesome to be able to scrimmage 7 on 7 with our full team. We worked on ho-stack defense, helping each other take the in and away cuts to minimize senseless running on the field, but also to be smarter about team defense.

It was a crazy windy day with huge gusts of wind but everyone handled it really well. Also, right before the scrimmage began, it started raining and then it turned into giant drops of rain. It was bizarre because when you looked up it seemed like there were only rain clouds above Briggs, and then everywhere else had bright blue skies. =P

It really helped our team to have a designated deep cut, i.e. someone who always cut deep whenever a handler got the disc. It helped generate flow and the handlers always had a deep option. We scored multiple times by having the designated deep just cut to the endzone.

I'm super proud of sMITe. We have so many rookies and second-year players on the team but it definitely looks like we play with a lot more experience. I think we have a perfect-sized team of 14 and every player on sMITe contributes immensely to the team in their own way, both on offense and defense. I'm super psyched about regionals :D

I'm going to wait until later this week to get sentimental about my last year of college ultimate, my last real sMITe practice, and my last sMITe tournament, and probably my last time playing with Smeri for reals. Feeling sad already... :(