Friday, October 16, 2009

Pics from Club Regionals

Thanks to Keith and Bryan who were our photographers for the weekend!

I think one of the cutters threw it to me as a bail-out dump cut. I almost missed the disc. The firetruck in the background was one of the many emergency vehicles that were called to the fields to take care of Morgan. (Btw, nothing is broken, just a bad sprain and she'll be in an aircast for a while.)

Nell, one of our D-line handlers

Jenny catching the disc, not sure what her defender is doing but it looks like she's falling backwards in terror =P

Full extension Smeri!

Brie, another one of our D-line handlers using her full 5'10"-ness (I actually don't know exactly how tall she is but she's pretty tall =P)

The only way I can get around big marks =P (I like Jin's expression in the back, like she's thinking, "OMG Karen's going to turf it!")

Me looking extremely proud of myself hahah

Not really sure what's going on here but I think Jin's setting a bad example of being a good SIDELINE

See, now Daphne and Doris are doing it too...

Smeri has having contact issues

Brie's flick. Bad mark. Don't mark like that please. Bend your knees more, feet farther apart, keep your arms down unless you're preventing a huck for a few stall counts, but otherwise, you should never look like this when you're marking.

Becky's so talllll...

and always so happy :)

Becky was trying to teach something called "Body Traversing" where you flip someone (hopefully someone smaller) over your shoulders and pull them out from between your legs.

They were trying to race but really Kate just dropped Kelly a bunch of times. There are videos in my picasa (username: midlifekaren). Apparently Becky and one of her college friends can do it in 4 seconds.

Yay friends :) Except during the college season THEY WON'T BE! (j/k) Far left is Kquan aka Butterball who plays on BC and Michelle plays for Northeastern and I still have one more year left on sMITe. :)