Saturday, October 10, 2009

Club Regionals

I'm really sad/disappointed/sleepy right now, so this is going to be a short update.

We started off the day with a game against Capitals. There was a slight wind during this game but it shouldn't have been strong enough to affect anything. They set a zone on us, and our O-line worked the disc up flawlessly and scored without a turnover (I think Doris would like it known that she was on that line.. hehe). But it was all downhill from there. There were ample turnovers from both teams and it was a very messy game in general, so no one can't say that we didn't have our chances, but we didn't score a single point for the rest of the game. I felt like our cutters weren't getting open, and then our dumps weren't getting open, and thus desperation hucks from handlers all around. One of my nightmare points occured the 3rd or 4th point into the game where I threw away 3 upwind flick hucks that came up short and got D-ed. I was so pissed at myself. Final score 1-13.

The next game was against Godiva. Both teams came out strong but like the Capitals game, it was a very messy game and there were a lot of turnovers from both teams. The wind picked up a little during this game and made throwing and catching a lot harder. During this game, my mark attempted a footblock and ended up kicking my hand after I got the throw off (to Doris). I was so stunned that I stood there shaking my hand out but it only increased in pain I called an injury a few stall counts later. People who don't know how to footblock properly should NOT be making footblocks because getting kicked in the hand freakin' hurts!!!

It was also during this game where Morgan made this awesome d on her cutter and she ended up landing weird (I think she stepped on her girl's foot actually), and was in a LOT of pain. Play stopped for like 10-15 minutes while trainers and then paramedics came and drove her to the hospital. Chelsey went with her so we were done two players for the day. :( Word came back later that night and Morgan might've torn a ligament in her ankle but it's not broken.

The last point in the Godiva game was epic and lasted about 15 minutes long. There was one pass where Brie threw to Becky who got D-ed, but it was so windy that the disc was knocked back towards Brie, about 20 yards away, and she caught it again! We ended up working it up to our endzone 2-3 times but every time we dropped the disc in the endzone. Ok I guess it wasn't super easy because it was windy and the throws were low and hard to catch, but still, it was a very nervewrecking game. We came out of the Godiva game pretty pumped up because even though we lost the game, we won the last point during hard cap. Final score 5-11.

The next game was against a Canadian team named Enigma. It was extremely windy during this game so it was fun to play zone O and throw in windy conditions. Final score 13-2.

Our last game of the day was against MissConnduct. It was also extremely windy (and cold!) during this game and the wind dictated the pace of the game with fast downwind points and slow upwind points. We were down a break early in the game and we spent most of the first half trying to regain that break, but we were unable to and we were down at half 5-7. After half, MissConduct went on a run and got two more breaks and we were down 5-11. They were mainly playing a four-man cup on us and it was really difficult to dump and swing around the cup especially when we were trapped. We tried crashing the cup a lot and it worked most of the time but play was very stagnant for a lot of the zone O points.

We needed at least 3 upwind breaks to win the game, so we pumped each other up and went on a 5-0 run to make the game 10-11 - our comeback! The wind died down a little during this time and the handlers were able to throw bendy throws to the poppers in the middle. At 11-11 hardcap went on, game to 13. Then 11-12, then a huck to Jenny in the endzone to make it 12-12 universe point. We still needed an upwind break to win the game and advance to the 2nd place bracket. We pulled the disc and they worked it up the field. We had some smart switching to cover in and away cuts but they scored and took the game. I'm sad to say that the score was to my girl too. She was almost O/B though. :( Final score 12-13.

I don't remember the last time I was this sad/disappointed because of ultimate. Tomorrow we're in the 7th place bracket with games starting at 8:30 and we'll probably play until 5:30 again. I'm exhausted. :(

I guess this wasn't that short of an update but I couldn't help reliving some points/moments throughout today and wishing that something different would've happened - a disc tipping a certain way so that it would favor our offense, or taking that extra step to run through to the disc, or putting a bit more spin on the hucks to make it sail a little farther. But it's over and there's nothing that can be done about it now. Forget the past and think only on how you can improve and play better, right?