Monday, October 12, 2009

Club Regionals Day 2

We only played two games on the second day of regionals. When we arrived at the fields at 7:30 in the morning for warm-up, there was frost on the ground! Our first game was against Bowdoin (Chaos Theory). We worked on our vertical stack. I don't remember much from this game except for the fact that we had a couple messy points, and even one point with 5 turnovers. After sectionals, I've realized how horrible and detrimental turnovers are. And once you have one turnover, they tend to accumulate and the point spirals into a chaotic mess of turnovers. :( Final score 13-2.

Our second game was against BC and it was probably the most fun game I've played this season. There was a strong wind so it was a very upwind/downwind game. We worked on our 4-man cup in both wind directions so I got to play in the cup a lot and then handle in zone O in upwind points (my favorite!!). BC's 4-man cup was pretty effective in containing movement of the disc when it was trapped on the sideline and for a while our zone O was very stagnant. We worked on getting the disc moving right away so that the cup couldn't set up... soo much fun!!! I felt like our handlers, wings, and poppers worked very well together in advancing the disc down the field.

Hatch season is over... time to focus on sMITe! :)

I have a quarter-sized bruise on my left quad from cleating myself while trying to take off my pants to get on the line. :(