Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's been SO long time since I blogged... But then again it's also been a long time since I played ultimate. :( I went to my first IAP practice yesterday; practices actually started last week but I was in rural Wisconsin teaching middle- and high- school girls and science and engineering. But that's another story altogether.

We had learned I/O and O/I last week so we started off practicing that, and then Jin and Shuang taught everyone how to throw hammers, which was interesting. When I was learning hammers I always thought that it was like a kick serve in tennis, so when I try to teach other people how to throw a hammer the first thing I ask them is, "Do you play tennis?" And they always inevitably say no. Anyway, Jin was telling everyone to practice blades, and then a hammer is just a blade with a little bit of angle on it. I just hope that I won't have to be catching blade-y hammers later on this spring.

The focus of practice was defense so we started off with the mirroring drill. Somehow I was the odd man out so I got Shuangy as my partner. That little girl is fast. And she had this huge mischevous grin on her face the whole time she was cutting around. I was really tired. And it didn't help that I basically didn't do any cardio for the last month and a half.

Then we did another defense drill where you defend the up-the-line cut, then the clear, then the cut from the back of the stack (the one that's really confusing at first). I liked seeing Clare/Smeri match-ups because those two are so ridiculously speedy. It's fun to watch. :)

Scrimmaging was pretty fun. I forgot how much I like playing ultimate :) And we had 6's which was pretty awesome. Everyone was playing hard and making cuts and in general making some pretty sweet plays. A couple sweet plays: Clare burning her defense as she cut deep, Emily, Kelly, and Danielle making really nicely timed cuts, Trisha's hucks are looking really good. I'm really excited for sMITe this spring. :)

In the next few weeks/months we'll be introducing the individuals on sMITe 09 so you guys will know who I'm talking about. But in the meantime, some pictures from Coffee Cup:

Coffee Cup Team
Top: Ethan, Marie, Becky, Heather, Liver, Jin, Shuang
Bottom (all doing the Asian squat, mind you): Mangpo, Emily, Lydia, Karen, Danielle

I believe this picture was taken during a point.
And I believe that Danielle was in during that point.
But I could be wrong...

Emily trying to make a fashion statement.

And now some random pictures...

Babies and duck statues at Boston Public Gardens

Jumping pictures in Boston Commons

Who are you?
You? Him?
He's a panda
You're a panda
What are you going to do big guy?
Sit on me?
(Thanks Yang.)


They're such conformists.

Cutest fattest baby in the world

Kids are just like little people.

Guess where I'm going to play ultimate soon...??!?!
And guess who I'll be playing with...?!?!?!
(Ignore the sketchy ad on the screen)

Edit: Oh!!! Guess what?!? Bryan and I got a really nice camera so you guys can expect to see a lot more high-quality ultimate action shots. YAY.