Friday, January 30, 2009

Introducing Clare!

Name: Clare

Nicknames: hops

Hometown: Newark, De

Year: 4th yr Grad

Course: HST

Height: 5'1''

Favorite position: cutter?

Personal strength: yrs of being an athlete

Personal goal: learn to play every position

Favorite ultimate memory: Reading/Hearing the Beaver cheer for the first time (maybe not my favorite memory but a funny one)

Interests besides ultimate: other sports, especially soccer, running, traveling, taking misc humanities classes b/c we don't take enough classes in HST, surviving graduate school

Anything else we should know about you: I played a few games of ultimate with friends in college, but could never *really* get into it. now I am hooked... must be thanks to sMITe!*

Clare is a little speed demon. Watching Clare/Smeri match-ups are the best because they're both so speedy. Clare's also improved so much since she joined sMITe in the fall. I remember the first practice she came to, she got open on everyone but couldn't seem to hold onto the disc. It was also very muddy that day if I remember correctly. But now she gets open on everyone AND catches the disc AND can dump it. All she needs to do now is learn how to throw a forehand :)

A random side note: we were very bad about taking pictures in the fall. I probably have a total of 10 or so pictures of sMITe at tournaments so many of my 'introducting ppl' pictures are going to be team pictures with arrows. Hopefully we'll be better about taking more pictures in the spring. =P