Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing Emily! and practice yesterday

Name: Emily

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Year: 2012

Course(s): 3, 6

Height: 5'5''

Favorite position(s): popper, deep

Personal strength: running for a really long time

Personal goal (ultimate-related or not): do lots of different things in life

Favorite ultimate memory: layout practice (see pic above!)

Interests besides ultimate: eating

Anything else we should know about you: my favorite color is yellow

Emily is one of those super excited and motivated freshmen that any ultimate team is grateful to have. She's speedy on O, heads up on D, and learns quickly. I'm not sure if she's played ultimate before, but she's quickly shaping up to be a valuable asset on sMITe. The picture above is when Emily was learning how to lay out at Coffee Cup (put your arms out!). Soon she's going to be a layout machine!!!

Yesterday at practice we worked on defense switching on a vertical stack. (Like when you help someone deep and she has you covered under...) Then we learned probably my most favoritest defense in the world: clam! It was really fun and we had a lot of people so all the positions were filled. I hope everyone had fun because I did and I wasn't even playing D. =P Then we played a little keep-away because we only had half the indoor track. I totally got bowled over by Clare (5'1") once after I caught the disc. =P

Then we worked in breaking the mark. Everyone knows that I only really have one break: the low-release forehand, thrown so that I fall over almost every time from being off balance. I'm pretty sure that I travel half the time, I don't know I can't tell. Someone should watch me and tell me.

Anyway, Eugene was trying to help me improve on my backhand breaks. I feel like my pivot and windup to throw a backhand is so slow so even if I try and fake the backhand, it takes so long for me to pivot back to throw the forehand. Any tips? Should I just work on pivoting and winding up faster?

And then after practice I played MacFlugall(?) with a few of the guys and I wasn't the first one out!!