Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wuwu vs. Capture The Dream

Last night Wuwu fielded 7 girls and 6 guys to play against Capture the Dream on MIT Turf. (This game reminded me of the finals in regionals when sMITe played Northeastern - a lot of the girls on Capture were from Northeastern.) I wasn't there for the first point in this game because I forgot the cones at my house and Shawn had to drive me back to get the cones. When we arrived back on the turf, we found out that the other team had cones after all (they originally told us they didn't). But then they only had 7 cones so we used a pylon for the 8th cone. =P

Anyway, Capture put a zone defense on us right away but Shawn's amazing handling and scoober skills discouraged them from playing any more zone for the rest of the game. During one of the points there was a nice dump swing from Shawn to Daphne and we scored on the break side. Darlene would've been proud.

In another point Brian Wu had an amazing full-field huck to NG in the endzone. Oh wait, it couldn't have been Brian Wu, because he wasn't there... Right...

Anyway, we traded the next few points and soon the score was tied at 4-4. Capture took a time-out while Wuwu sat on the sideline and made fun of MattyB who wasn't even there. Capture took the next several points, capitalizing on Wuwu's drops and they took half 8-5.

After a hearty "Woo-wooooo" cheer at half-time, Wuwu came back strong. Shawn threw it deep to Smeri in the endzone for a score. In another point, he hucked it to NG, who made a sliding grab on the turf. During one endzone play, NG made a great in-cut, only to slide underneath the disc. I guess that's what happens when old running shoes meet a wet crappy turf.

As first-time players for Wuwu, Chenxia, Jess, and Zach made some really nice cuts. Foote played amazing defense and was an all-around solid player for Wuwu. On the contrary, Eugene Wu played lazy man defense until I yelled at him to play tighter D and then he got a D. What d'ya know... (Maybe all Wu's play lazy D.)

Amy had an incredible one-handed grab way above her head. Daphne played tight defense and got a run-through D. Liver cut break for Shawn for a score. Smeri made amazing Asian-stutter-step cuts and got open as usual. And Brian Wu's lightning fast reaction scored him a hand-block... wait wait wait... he wasn't there.

Anyway, Capture rolled through Wuwu the second half (probably because we only had one Wu) and won the game 15-7.

Note: All the disparaging remarks about Wu was because he said (twice!) that he would show up for the game but ended up flaking out.