Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's official!

We're moving in tonight! I met up with my landlord yesterday and he handed me three sets of keys to our new place. My friend Jen is lending me her furniture for the summer so we moved it all in yesterday. We have a nice dining table, couch, I have a bed, desk, and dresser. And we have a keyboard and a roomba for the summer as well :)

Tonight my friend Chris is renting a Uhaul and we're moving his stuff (he's subletting from Smeri), my stuff, and Dorphne's stuff over to 59 Elm and hopefully we can start living there this weekend.

So yesterday Bryan and I played pick-up with some SidPac people (they posted a flyer). I think I'm becoming a frisbee snob because pick-up just isn't as fun anymore. Here are some funny rules that can be bent/broken in pick-up (granted this is pick-up in the extreme sense, but still):
  • When you drop the pull, you can pick it up and keep playing.

  • Strips are allowed.

  • Here's a funny scenario that happened:

    Guy, let's call him Bob, picks up the disc at the back of the endzone and starts "faking"
    Me: stall 1, 2, 3...
    Random guy on Bob's team: you can walk it up to the line
    Me (meanwhile): ...6, 7, 8...
    Bob walks it up to the line.
    Me: TRAVEL!
    Bob: C'mon, this is pick-up!
    Me: You're right, rules don't apply in pick-up... Play on!

  • The one-bounce rule: if you drop the disc but still catch it before it bounces twice, it's still good. (It's like tennis! - no double bounce)

  • Boundaries are fences that separate the field from the street.

  • Fouls are allowed. In every sense. It's even a strategy! On the line, my teammate said, "Let's just foul them." =P

  • If offense and defense both grab the disc at at the same time, it's a jump ball. I mean, jump disc. Whatever.
    Me: If both of you guys grabbed it at the same time, the disc goes to offense.
    My teammate: But a jump disc would be more interesting.
    Me: True. Ok jump disc it is. (They actually did it.)
Yay pick-up!