Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whistles go whoo whoo!!

We're going to get jerseys that have Brian Wu's face on one side and Eugene Wu's face on the other. Just kidding...

On Thursday we played against Tubbs in South Boston. The heat wave finally broke so it was really nice weather for the game. It was fun to play zone O: their mark was really good so we put MattyB and Tait as handlers and Daphne and I played wing. And we were able to work it up the field to score. There's just something really satisfying in playing zone O :)

We ended up losing 13-15 but it was a really good game. I was practicing to be aggressive on the field, demanding the disc more. I hope I didn't come off as a disc-hog. :P I can't wait to play at JazzFest... only 3 more weeks!

I called my landlord yesterday and he said that we can move in a few days early (Sunday June 29). So for the people who are coming into Boston early, you guys can stay with me and Daphne in our new place and help us get settled in :)