Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Hat

Daphne and Bryan signed up for a spring hat team together (I decided to opt out to attempt to get more work done this spring, so far as you can see, it's not going well =P) but Daphne was out of town this weekend so I decided to impersonate Daphne on Sunday and take her place. First of all, their team is "safety orange" (amazing!!). Second, their name is "Huck Wing Duck" in the spirit of the superheroes theme (so cute!). Third, they have so many baller people on it. In fact, they had so many people on it that I ended up being given away to the opposing team, who had 7 people when the game started. :(

I had so much fun!! I forgot what it's like to play frisbee and run around and cut and fake. I cut the whole game which was sooo much fun. Haha! I kept stumbling around and tripping on myself though, like my legs weren't connected to my body. I think I'm just really out of practice =P

A few points into the game, Bryan was going for a "D" and collided with his guy and in the process, rolled his ankle and then the guy fell on top of him, which made the ankle roll a lot worse. He wasn't a little guy either. =P It was scary to see Bryan grimacing in pain so much, but I helped him off the field, and he elevated and took ibuprofen. Later he took off his cleats and someone on the sideline said, "wow your ankle is really swollen!" And I thought, "It is??" And then the guy compared the ankles and replied, "Oh wait, you just have really fat ankles." Hahaha. Anyway, sad day, plus it's still swollen today, but hopefully he'll get better soon so he can run around again.

Bouldering today!

[EDIT]: Keiko, who is on "Huck Wing Duck" told me the first thing she thought when she saw Daphne's and Bryan's name on the team list, but not mine, was that I was pregnant. REALLY?!! Then one of the guys on the sideline said, "I don't think you should be playing if you're pregnant." AHHHH! Keiko, you need to stop spreading rumors =P hehe