Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing Heather!

Name: Heather Beem

Nicknames: H-Beem, Beemer

Hometown: Norman, OK

Year: 1st year Grad

Course: 2

Height: 5’3” \\ Heather! Are you sure you're only 5'3"?!?! Or did you mistype 5'6" on the numpad?

Favorite position(s): Deep, though my answer to the last question sometimes hinders my skill at this. I’m learning to handle now too!

Personal strength: Endurance

Personal goal: Get faster, more agile, and consistently throw well, even under pressure.

Favorite ultimate memory: Beating a team of super-athletic “Amazon women” to win the intramural ultimate championship in undergrad.

Interests besides ultimate: Music, traveling, exploring

Anything else we should know about you: I’m the first asian cowgirl you’ve met. (Seriously, the cowboy was my mascot in undergrad)

Heather is a great cutter and is always open, both in and away. And she always makes amazing catches - either really graceful one-handed catches for high discs in the end zone or sliding catches in the mud. And the fact that she can huck makes her an even more valuable cutter. She's also reliable as a handler in zone. So as you can see, she can play everything. =P

On zone defense, Heather plays in the cup and I think she's starting to play a little deep deep as well. She's never-tiring and always has a positive attitude on the field.

Heather played a couple years of ultimate at Oklahoma where she went to undergrad. Not sure how many years she has left.