Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing: Becky, Ethan, and Agnes

Name: Becky Vasquez

Nickname: none

Hometown: Seminole, FL

2012 (Freshman)



Favorite Position: Cutter

Personal strength: cant think of one \\ what?! there are so many!

Personal goal: learn how to pull

Favorite ultimate memory: playing savage the second day of lemony fresh (i think that was the one)

Other interests besides ultimate: reading, knitting, other crafty creative things

I can think of many of Becky's strengths! (I can't believe she said she can't think think of one.) Becky is one of our amazing first-year players this year. She's highly committed to the team and she's a fast learner. In zone D Becky gets a lot of Ds as a wing. On offense, she's a great cutter and has a high percentage of catches. She started filling in as handler during practices and she does really well in communicating as a dump and getting the disc back from a cutter.

Kelly Casteel


Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Year: sophomore

Course: 3 (finally)


Favorite position: handling in a ho-stack

Personal strength: I can catch one handed pretty well. I'm also good at being indecisive

Personal goal: Pay more attention to my surroundings

Favorite ultimate memory:
That time Shan threw a high release backhand to Veena and we scored on BruteSquad

Other interests besides ultimate: not programming FORTRAN, bikes

Ethan's the quirky one on the team... always up to something... the other day she got herself locked out of her room so she came to practice in normal clothes. There are many other stories, I'm just forgetting them all right now. Anyway, Ethan has improved immensely this year. As a handler-in-training her dump cuts have gotten better and she has some pretty nice one-handed grabs when it comes down to it. On defense, she's an effective wing and on man D, she has good positioning/bodying.

Name: Agnes Chang

Aggie/Eggi, Angie, and a few non-English ones

Currently Taipei, Taiwan. It's moved around a good bit.

1st year graduate student.

Media Arts & Sciences

5'9" thereabouts.

Favorite position(s):
mid? not sure. TBD.

Personal strength:
patience, analyzing (over-analyzing? heh), and remembering useless details while forgetting useful ones

Personal goal:
travel extensively and see a lot of things; maybe start a school someday

Favorite ultimate memory:
unexpectedly scoring my first point by finding myself randomly in the right place at the right time

Interests besides ultimate: traveling, languages, baking, biking, music;

Anything else we should know about you:
Prior to ultimate, Agnes has never done anything more intense than swimming or cycling, and she is really thankful for the support and community from sMITe. She hopes she can soon discover/develop her strengths to better help the team (and stop being a deadweight ASAP!).

Agnes has improved so much this year in every aspect of ultimate: catching, cutting, running, running in the cup, throwing. She's heads-up on offense and uses her height to catch a lot of discs (which probably contributed to her favorite ultimate memory of unexpected scoring.) I'm excited to see her play this weekend.

Sectionals brackets are up!
Btw they're in Burlington, MA this Sat/Sun... come watch us play!