Friday, November 7, 2008

Lemony Fresh (Cape Cod Edition)

So sMITe didn't get into Huck-A-Hunk, which was a huge surprise to us (I was mad for a little bit but I got over it), so we scrambled to get into Lemony Fresh for Nov. 1.

We went with 1o people (4 returners and 6 newbies). It was a pretty windy day so we played lots of zone, both O and D. Our zone O looked really good. It would be me/Trish/Amy handling and we would have new people as our poppers, wings and deep. Our poppers learned really quickly and caught a lot of throws through the cup. It was really exciting to see! We would be able to work it up the field just by swinging it around the cup and then finding poppers through the cup.

Our zone D looked pretty good as well. We're starting to learn how to cup more effectively, to cut off the next throw. We're also working on our communication more. This year (or I guess every year?) sMITe is a pretty quiet team so we have to keep reminding ourselves that we need to talk a lot in zone.

Three of our players left half-way through because they had other commitments, and another person was injured, so we played savage, and eventually 6s during our last 2.5 games. You would think that playing savage would really tire us out, but we really stepped it up during those last 2.5 games. We had a lot of run-through Ds from our new players and I think everyone had a lot of fun :)