Monday, September 15, 2008

Club Sectionals Day 2

Smite started off the second day of club sectionals playing Brute Squad and scored a point!! (The only other team to do that in their pool was Wellesley. And actually now that I'm looking on score reporter it says that they scored two points). Anyway, I wasn't personally there to witness this but apparently it was Shan's high release backhand to Veena in the endzone. Questionable choice in throws but I guess it works sometimes it... Good job guys :) Props to you guys for playing savage for an entire weekend.

Hatch rolled through the college teams in the morning and then played Godiva for 2nd/3rd. We dropped the first three points pretty quickly. I personally felt really nervous for this game, which doesn't bode well for an O-line handler. =P The second point was turnover heavy and I remember just being so tired during that point. We took a time out and refocused ourselves and were able to score a few points in the first half.

I remember the first point we scored: Godiva put a strange zone on us, kinda like a 2-4-1 or 2-3-2 and I threw a few to Jenny who was popping and then I suddenly see Doris wide open behind the deep deep so I just launched a backhand huck and she caught it in the endzone. :) In another point, Shira, Michelle and I were handling in zone O and we were able to work it around and through their cup. There was some nice swinging action and I even threw a hammer to Doris and eventually we scored that point. But we had dropped too many points in the beginning of the half so Godiva took half 8-3.

Our D-Line saved our butts in the second half, getting lots of Ds and then scoring the point. We had a lot of trouble taking away the around throw. We need more active marks and better positioning. We both got broken twice and we actually tied the second half 7-7 so the final score was 15-10 Godiva.

I'm beginning to like ho-stack a lot more. Especially side line plays :)

And we finally had a whole team!