Saturday, September 13, 2008

Club Sectionals Day 1

So I wasn't actually at club sectionals today because I was with my family in NY but I sat around with Meri and Doris enough afterwards that I almost feel like I was there...

Smite played savage, beating Brandeis, and losing to Northeastern, Bentley, and Wellesley. Meri handled with Amy, Trisha, and they kinda trained Kelly to be a handler as well. They ran a vert stack during the beginning of the day and then spread later in the day, which worked out pretty well. Meri said that the flow got a lot better throughout the day. I think they're getting another player tomorrow. Hopefully no one is scared by the low numbers... yay PT! :)

Hatch beat all the college teams and were pretty competitive with Lady Godiva. Hatch won the first point and the two teams traded points until half time. Then something happened in the middle (that's how Doris described it), and they traded points again until the end, 13-9 Godiva. Doris said we looked pretty good... I can't wait to play them tomorrow!