Saturday, May 10, 2008

Practice and Brute Squad Scrimmage

You can tell it's the end of the semester... people stop showing up to practice and when they do, they just look so stressed out. Yesterday we had practice where some of the men's team came to play zone D on us. At first I was afraid that sMITe wouldn't even have 7 people, but I think we ended up with 8 and the men's team had a full zone D line as well. It was a rough practice with the rain making it really hard to catch or get good footing. We practiced FM, trap zone, box, and 1-3-3. We did pretty well with the FM, but pretty poorly with the other types of zone. We would do pretty well once the disc was swinging across the field so that the cup couldn't catch up, but we were getting stuck on the sideline while it was trapped. And the guys are really big too... most people who were in the cup were over 6 feet tall. =P I know this isn't meant to be funny, but some funny instances from practice:

- Doris cowering into a fetal-position when the disc was coming at her because she saw two huge guys running towards her.

- Keith (6'4") hand-blocked Catherine's hammer

- Cody (6'5") completely skying everyone (who was at least a foot shorter than him). Every time it happened it was like, "well okay then... now what?" Completely unrealistic... :P

Anyway, it was a fun practice because I love zone O. It was like Christmas Day :)

Today we had a scrimmage against Brute Squad. It was kinda sad because we only had 11 people show up to begin with. Erika's hand is still injured. Daphne got a little dizzy and her ankle was strained a little during warm-up. Rosa was sick. Then Doris extended her elbow a little too far. Trish got cleated during one point. And then we were down to 6... we had to borrow some Brute people so we didn't have to play 6's or savage. We got a lot better throughout the course of the scrimmage: we weren't dropping as much stuff and we were playing better D and better zone O. I'm just glad no one got seriously injured. And yay Smeri came to play today even though she was still studying on the sidelines.

I have two finals on Tuesday and then a meeting with my advisor on Wednesday and then I'm off to Boulder!!! Can't wait!